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Our customers know that CONTRACKLIFT Co Known by its quality and reliability at affordable
prices. They know that we take care at every
stage of their purchase and throughout their
product’s life. Our passenger lifts simply
make life a little easier.

Customer service is our prime importance. We will give best advice and ensure that the product you buy is fit for purpose.
Installing a lift can be a complicated process, but we are here to make it easy by assisting you throughout your project, providing technical advice and support to ensure that your installation runs smoothly.

We Provide machine-room-less elevator , a small machine room, also with a wide range of products to meet your vertical transportation requirements in all building types.

Both platforms are powered by its gearless, energy-efficient machine and components.

We can offer you several alternative solutions. We can help you analyze the transportation capacity requirements in each project and recommend an ideal elevator system.

Our Standard platforms can serve 21 floors or 55 meters of travel, transporting up to 13 persons (1000 kg) per car at 1.0 or 1.6m/s. One elevator group can have up to 3 elevators.

in Others ProjectsOur platforms can serve 36 floors or 90 meters of travel, transporting up to 26 persons (2,000 kg) per car at up to 2.5 m/s. One elevator group can have up to 6 elevators

Within the selected performance range, We provides broad selection of car dimensions, single entry or through type car arrangements, and shaft layouts.

CONTRACKLIFT pre-designed decorations allow you to extend your design visions to the elevators by high appreciation of its interior design and ideal ambiance of its landings.