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CONTRACKLIFT offers Freight configuration options in each of the standard duties of 3000, 5000, and 6000 Kgs.


Our Products has long life, Freight cab walls are constructed of 14 gauge sheet steel. Because they take a lot of abuse, Freight doors are constructed of 12 gauge steel plate.

The Freight doors are provided with "truckable sills" designed to support trucking loads equal to the capacity of the elevator. Cylinder heads are engineered for easy maintenance and long life.

The doors and gates are equipped with approved interlocks to prevent the operation of the elevator unless both the door and gate are closed and locked. Doors are furnished with a glass vision panel and a safety astragal. Power gates are equipped with an automatic gate reversing edge, providing an additional level of safety. Non-skid, diamond pattern flooring provides support for heavy loads and extra protection against slipping.

Our Freight Elevator will be installed in compliance with all local and national elevator and electrical codes.