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A StairLiftis a mechanical device for lifting people and wheelchairs up and down stairs. For sufficiently wide stairs, a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs or on the wall beside the stairs. A chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail. A person on the chair or platform is lifted as the chair or platform moves along the rail.

There is a three types of StairLifts

  • Straight StairLIfts.
  • Contrack Lift deliver a solution to all indoor straight staircase requirements and budgets. Our Clients have benefitted from the convenience and dependability provided by our stairlifts. Smooth and secure.

    The simplicity of the stairlift allow it to be installed in your home
    very quickly. Fitted directly onto your stairs cleanly and discretely, the stairlift glides effortlessly along an aluminium track.

    Following installation, the qualified engineer will provide you with a comprehensive demonstration to allow you to become quickly acquainted with StairLIfts easy to operate controls.

    After that, your Straight StairLIfts is completely ready to use.

    • Simple Joystick Control:

    Stairlift is operated with an easy to use joystick, simply move the joystick left or right depending on whether you would like to go up or down your staircase.

    • Remote Control Handsets:

    For even more convenience, Stairlift is available with 2 remote control handsets.

    The slim design handsets can be positioned at the top and bottom of your stairs to allow you to call your HomeGlide to you at any time. This also makes is easy for additional members of your household to use the stairlift.

    • Automatic Powered Hinge:

    Stairlift is now available with a power folding hinge track.

    This is the perfect answer to all homes which have an obstruction at the foot of the stairs, typically a door.Via the remote control handset the lower section of the rail quietly folds away, leaving the doorway clear.

    • Linked Footrest:

    This standard feature automatically folds the footrest up, removing the need to bend down to fold the footrest manually.

    • Curved Armrests:

    Stairlift Extra comes with a choice of curved and foldable armrests as standard. This provides a greater feeling of security whilst travelling.

    • Powered Swivel Seat:

    Stairlift Extra comes with a manual swivel as standard. Upgrading to the new powered swivel option makes turning the stairlift at the top of the stairs effortless. By maintaining pressure on the joystick the seat turns to allow you to alight from the stairlift safely.

Six Upholstery Colours: These ensure that your HomeGlide Extra blends perfectly into your home.